Life is too short not to take adventures. 

At the end of 2013 and after 36+ years of corporate compliance, I was fortunate to be able to retire at an early age and whilst I still have a degree of fitness which will allow me to take some of those adventures.  

Hello, my name is Lee Davies, welcome to my website. My aim is make this site a repository of all things related to cycle touring. I intend to publish on here cycle route directions, cycle route maps, ride reviews, kit reviews and anything else that is connected with cycle touring. Over time you will also find e-books and digital downloads from my upcoming travels.


I have always cycled. Well, at least for as long as I can remember I have. But I only really started long distance cycling and touring in 1995 when I was asked to join a group of 22 other cyclists on a charity ride from London to Paris.  

After that experience I assumed a tour leaders’ role and planned and executed a number of week-long tours for the  same London-Paris cycling group; taking them back to France and also to The Netherlands, as well as organising some shorter rides a bit closer to home. 

Since then I’ve ridden solo in and around a number of European countries: 

  • 1800 miles London–Switzerland–London (via France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany) ;
  • The Raid Pyrenees (740km in under 100 hours)
  • The Raid Corsica (1000km in 7 days);
  • 2100 miles from Paris–Barcelona–Paris and
  • Completed the Audax National 400km in less than 21 hours. 

More recently I was involved in the training of the Cycling Security Teams for the London 2012 Olympic Games (the Olympic Torch Relay, the Olympic Marathon and the Olympic Triathlon).

But in 2008 I completed my most difficult challenge to date: cycling coast-to-coast across the USA from Los Angeles to Miami, covering 3600miles in 48 days. On returning to the UK I wrote a book about my experience entitled “Riding the Southern States” which is serialised on this website and which will soon be available to be downloaded for free as an e-book. 

My intention is to complete a number of similar ventures over the next five years, each one accompanied by a new e-book and some video or digital downloads. The first of my adventures will be to ride the Great Divide; following the Rocky Mountains for 2800 miles off road on a mountain bike from Banff, Canada to Columbus, New Mexico in the summer of 2014.

The other rides I have planned for the next five years (not in any particular order) are:

  • 100 Cols (4000 miles around France tackling over 100 of the highest mountain passes)
  • Coast to Coast across Australia (Perth to Brisbane via Melbourne and Sidney),
  • The Six Islands of Hawaii and
  • Another C2C across the USA (possibly San Francisco to New York).

In the last few years I’ve become good friends with Damian Mulligan the proprietor of Crank Adventures a cycling and outdoors pursuits company based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Through Damian and Crank Adventures I’ve been introduced to the plethora of cycling opportunities in and around the Chiang Mai region.

It is here in Chiang Mai that I have chosen to make my base: where I can keep fit by cycling in the mountains, around the lakes and along the rivers as I prepare to take on some of the world’s greatest tours and trails.