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Day 7 Rochefort to Jonzac (86kms) (60m ascent)
A shorter day than yesterday. Flat as a pancake and lots of farms and tiny villages to see today.
Depending upon where we start this morning, we may get to use the Pont Transbordeur for the 4 and a half minute crossing of the river La Charente. It is one of only 8 transporter bridges in the world, two of the others are in the UK (Newport and Warrington).

A quick fly through on Google maps has me thinking that this might be my favourite day so far.
After today the mileage (kms) will increase slightly, but hopefully none of the remaining days will be above 100kms.

Tonight’s campsite is Camping Castors:


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Campsite website:



Day 8 Jonzac to Rauzan (90kms) (350m ascent)
A longer day with some undulations but no major climbs. We stay east of Bordeaux and cross the Dordogne River at Lavagnac. Before that river crossing we will also be crossing La Livenne (at Corignac) and the L’isle (at Guitres) today.
There are no bicycle paths that we could follow today.

Tonight’s campsite is Camping du Vieux Chateau, in the Bordeaux vinyards, sat in the grounds of an old castle with a heated pool and a Jacuzzi, about 1/4km from the village of Rauzan.


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Camping Rauzan



Campsite website:


Day 9 Rauzan to Agen (98kms) (280m ascent)
The preferred option (part bicycle path) is only 3 kms longer than the shorter road option. But, the bike path is significantly flatter (only 280m ascent, compared to the road route of 660m ascent). Which evber route we take, the day does however start with a small climb up to about 120m and then another short climb of about 40m at 12kms. The last of the “big” hills comes at 20km after which it is pretty flat for the rest of the ride.
The bike path that will be using is the V80 which we pick up just south of La Reole after crossing La Garonne river. The bike path follows the Garonne canal and river. About half of today’s ride is along the V80 cycle route.

Tonight’s campsite, Camping Moulin Mellet is a few kms short NW of Agen.

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Campsite website:




Day 10 Agen to Grenade (98kms) (60m ascent)
There are options today.
A full 100kms on the V80 bike route, which follows the Garonne river and canal all day and which might be a little boring.
An alternative of about 3okms on the bike path and the rest on roads, which is about 98kms in total but which has 660m of ascent, or my preferred option which is about 50kms on the bike path and the rest on rural roads. This allows us to get a feel for the area, rather than blindly following a canal tow path.

Today’s campsite is Camping des Lacs, approximately 25kms North of Toulouse.
We are just south of the village of Grenade, where we might have to do our shopping as I’m not sure what facilities are available on-site.

Another pancake flat day of cycling, whichever route we take. Don’t get fooled into a false sense of security, our last day before we arrive Chez Mark is hilly.

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Campsite Website: