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Early impressions of Corsica

Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean, and more mountainous than most of Southern Europe. It also has the highest murder rate per capita in Europe! Welcome to some early thoughts on Corsica, following on from Roscoff to


Days 11 and 12 Roscoff to Murviel

Day 11 Grenade to Mazamet (105kms) (320m ascent) There are no bike path options today. And I failed in my attempt to limit our riding days to below 100kms. Sorry. We avoid the big city of Toulouse by staying north


Days 7 to 10 Roscoff to Murviel

Day 7 Rochefort to Jonzac (86kms) (60m ascent) A shorter day than yesterday. Flat as a pancake and lots of farms and tiny villages to see today. Depending upon where we start this morning, we may get to use the


Days 4 to 6 Roscoff to Murviel

Day 4 Rieux to Port Saint Pere (76kms) (190m ascent) A short day, to take into account an afternoon ferry trip across the Loire River. And to provide some rest. It is flat again today! I hope that when we


The first three days of Roscoff to Murviel

Here are my proposals for the first three days. There are options for each day. I have included a short description of each route, together with a map, a webpage link  and photos (where possible) of the campsites. Day 1

Coming down the road from the Hmong Hilltribe Village near Tak Kar Tan Cave

In search of something different – Doi Lium and Tak Kar Tan Cave.

22nd May 2014.  Doi Lium and Tak Kar Tan Cave. It has been a number of weeks now since I last posted a “trip” report. In part that has been due to a couple of accidents on the mountain bike.


Wat Phra Phutthabat Si Roi

10th March 2014. Temple of the Four Buddhas’ Footprints. Today’s ride was one that I had been contemplating since first visiting Wat Phra Phutthabat Si Roi last year. When I say ‘contemplating’, I mean anticipating with trepidation! It is a steep

SAM_0041 - Copy

Mon Cham

21st February 2014. Mon Cham sits at the summit of the Nong Hoi Royal Project, approximately 36 kilometres from Chiang Mai city. The Royal Project is an initiative of the King of Thailand which opened in 1984 to encourage hill tribe villagers